How Conscious Single Women Manifest Soul-Deep Forever Love, with the RIGHT Partner

Go From Loneliness, Fear, and Self-Doubt... to Unshakeable Self-Love and Belief... and Manifest Your Dream Relationship!

My Dear, Strong, Amazing Woman,

You (#mytribe) asked, and I listened…

As a coach, my previous programs have been geared toward manifesting financial abundance…

But time and again, I have been hearing the same thing from my wonderful tribe:

“Natalie, this is awesome. I love manifesting more money and more freedom… I am proud and excited about the success I’ve manifested in my life… but there’s this one area of my life where I’m still struggling to change...

I want LOVE… ❀️

And I don’t want just ANY love… I want THE love. I want it all — the butterflies, the meaningful connection, the fun, the great sex, the commitment.

I want someone I can feel safe with, and FREE with, at the same time… Is that too much to ask?”

Well, first, my friend, the answer is no. It is NOT too much to ask. You are worthy of a deep, connected, committed relationship with the RIGHT partner for YOU.

And despite what you might believe or fear right now, it is 100% available to you.

Wanna know how I know?

7 years ago, while still healing from the end of my 17-year marriage, I dove head first into the crazy world of online-dating (which didn’t even exist yet at the time I had gotten married).

Here’s how that went for me (Tell me if it sounds familiar):

πŸ’Έ  spent lots of money on dating services and apps (and more than a few dating gurus’ programs)

😬  went on awkward date after awkward date

πŸ‘»  got ghosted by some

🎣  got catfished by others

🀯  fielded hundreds of lackluster, rude, inappropriate, and even sometimes downright abusive messages from potential “matches”

πŸ‘Ž  met some guys who were only interested in hooking up

πŸ˜•  met some decent guys where there was nothing in common or just no real spark or connection

😑  met some lying, cheating, married guys

πŸ™€  met some crazy stalker-types and had to learn how to use the “Block” function on my phone

🀷‍♀️  had a few “mini-relationships” that just didn’t go anywhere

…and eventually wound up getting entangled in a life-draining, soul-sucking, manipulative, gas-lighting relationship with a covert narcissist…. 😞

That was the breaking point. πŸ’”

After a few years of dealing with all that, to be brutally honest with you…

I was not sure the kind of love I truly craved even existed…

⬆  β¬†  β¬† (Have you ever felt this way?) ⬆  β¬†  β¬†

My friends didn’t help by telling me that I was just “too picky.”

Our youth-obsessed society didn’t help by telling me that women my age were basically invisible to men. (I was in my mid-40s at the time.)

The “dating gurus” I was following online didn’t help… Because my sense of ethics and my core value of authenticity would not allow me to play games like hard to get…

Or worse yet, twist myself into a fake, weak, helpless “damsel in distress” to manipulate a guy into needing to rescue me. (No matter what catchy phrases they tried to use to convince me it wasn’t game-playing, I knew better… and I’m guessing you do, too.)

So much UGH, right??

And my own brain didn’t help, either…

😨  I worried about being too “curvy” to attract a high quality guy…

😨  I worried that my status as a three-time divorcee would make me undesirable to men. (Yep you read that right— Before marrying the father of my children, I’d had two brief “starter” marriages when I was really young.)

And the narcissist who shall remain nameless certainly didn’t help — since he had also managed to get me worrying that my sexual history made me basically “damaged goods.” (still makes me mad when I think about that!) 😑

Voices from every direction were telling me I would probably need to “settle” or just get comfortable with being alone.

But then I had what I like to call a major “DUH” moment…. 🀯

I said to myself, “Self (because that’s what I call myself when I’m being sassy) — Why aren’t you applying the same principles to manifesting love, that you’ve used to manifest business and financial success?”

πŸ’‘ (LIGHT BULB!) πŸ’‘

So, I started writing out a plan…

But I quickly realized that there was a whole different set of blocks that I had to work on when it came to manifesting love… Blocks that were often very different from the abundance blocks with which I had become so familiar.

And a whole different set of blocks would require a whole different set of techniques to remove them.

Don’t get me wrong - many of the principles were the same. Manifesting is manifesting, right? High vibration is high vibration!

But when it came to love… my emotions were so much more involved, and so much more… RAW. (do you feel me on that?)

To be frank with you, those wounds were deep. And it was a little daunting to even look at healing them (which I knew I’d need to do to manifest the kind of lasting love I wanted more than anything.)

So I started on a research mission, once again, just as I had done to learn to manifest financial abundance and career success.

I wasn’t just looking for how to attract a great guy… I was looking for how to attract THE great guy…

And then how to GROW and nurture that relationship…

And then how to maintain that relationship so that I wouldn’t wind up tearing it all down again in another 6 months to a year to start all over again.

I wanted OFF that hamster wheel. Know what I mean??

So I added what I learned to what I already knew about making the law of attraction work in my life. I added what I learned in therapy when I was healing from “the relationship (#entanglement) that shall not be named.”

I added what I learned in my training as a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

I even added a few of the “rare gems” I learned from some of the better dating gurus out there. (They’re not all bad - even a broken clock is right twice a day, right?!)

I stirred it all up, spiced it up with a little bit of what I know about how attraction and chemistry work, and I organized it all into a 30-day plan…

And I put mySELF on the plan.

The results?

😲  Astonishing. Beautiful. πŸ₯° Making me smile still, as I write this email 3 years later.

17 days into my plan, I met THE guy...

πŸ’–  The guy who ticked all the boxes. (I. mean. every. last. one.)

πŸ’–  The guy who wants the same things I want.

πŸ’–  The guy who believes in and values the same things I do.

πŸ’– The guy who makes my heart melt.

πŸ’–  The guy who leaves love notes on my pillows, buys my favorite chai tea, makes future plans with me, does romantic things, and gives great gifts!

πŸ’–  The guy who tells me every single day that I’m beautiful, that he loves me, and that he’s grateful to have me in his life.

πŸ’–  The guy who gives me all of the physical affection I could ever want.

πŸ’–  The guy who trusts and honors me.

πŸ’–  The guy who supports and encourages me.

πŸ’–  The faithful guy.

πŸ’–  The devoted, commitment-minded guy.

πŸ’–  The generous guy.

πŸ’–  The hard-working guy.

πŸ’–  The handsome, sexy, fun, fit, smart, successful guy.

πŸ’–  The guy who is not threatened by my intelligence, my success, my past, or my friendships, because he is secure in himself.

πŸ’–  The guy who speaks ALL of my love languages.

πŸ’–  The guy who has never ONCE left me wondering how he feels about me.

I met THAT guy 17 days after starting my 30-day plan…

And then, 9 days after we met, we mutually declared it as an exclusive, committed, long-term relationship.

I didn’t need to beg, bargain, manipulate, or fear the conversation, because both his words and his actions aligned to make it clear that it was what he wanted, too.

And now, 3 years later, we are happier than ever. It honestly just keeps getting better all the time…

It’s not stale, or boring… Nor is it drama-filled and anxiety-laden.

Nope. It’s actually right in that “sweet spot” where passion, excitement, comfort, and peace, intersect.

And do you want to know WHY it keeps getting better?

☝️ Because I didn’t listen to the voices that told me to settle.

☝️ Because I chose to believe I was worthy.

☝️ Because I chose to believe he was out there. (and available to me—yes, ME, with all my flaws!)

☝️ Because I did what I needed to do to heal those old wounds.

☝️ Because I upgraded my beliefs around love, and raised my vibration to a point where we were magnetically drawn into each other’s lives.

☝️ Because there is infinite love available in the Universe, and I am an infinite being to whom that love is infinitely available.

☝️ Because I AM love.

And so are you!❣️❣️❣️

Now, listen… I’m not saying your love story will unfold exactly as mine did.

All I’m saying is that you CAN manifest healthy, fulfilling, lasting love, with the RIGHT partner for YOU. I know this to be true, 100%.

If a 40-something, thrice-divorced, mother of two with some “extra fluff” on her frame can do it... so can you... 


I'm sure that's what you're wondering right now... How do I make this happen when nothing else has worked so far?

And that's why I took everything I learned, started teaching it to my high end, private coaching clients, took their feedback on what worked best, and used it all to create:

Your Last Love Method™

Manifest Healthy, Fulfilling Love with the RIGHT Partner

(And Make It Last!)


Your Last Love Method™ is the online program for conscious single women who want to go from loneliness, fear, and self-doubt, to radical self-love and belief, so they can manifest a soul-deep connection with the exact right partner for them, and grow satisfying, happy, lasting love, without playing games, following old-fashioned, sexist "rules," or ever settling for less than the full, rich love they deserve.

The program includes:

πŸ’– My Right Partner Love Formula which takes you from loneliness, fear, and self-doubt to radical self love and belief, so you can manifest a soul-deep connection with your forever love, who is the exact right partner for you. 

πŸ’– Sub-Conscious Re-Imprinting Audio Sessions which have been specially engineered-and-recorded to put your manifesting on auto-pilot so it's easy for you to break your toxic love patterns and finally experience confidence in how lovable you truly are.
πŸ’– Proven Transformation Exercises that bust through your love blocks, so you can increase your personal magnetism and attract a truly worthy partner who makes you feel like you're finally home.
πŸ’– Convenient and Straightforward Checklists and Check-Ins to hold you accountable and keep you on track so you can stay consistent, stop self-sabotaging, and really do what it takes to become a walking love-magnet.
πŸ’– Video Trainings on Attraction Science and Love Manifesting (with written transcripts, too), so you can learn in the style that is most comfortable and effective for you, and get the love life you deserve!
πŸ’– Daily Practices and Rituals (many of which take only a few seconds!) to keep you in a positive, attractive, empowering, high vibrational state.
πŸ’–  Stellar, Smooth, and Responsive Email Support to make sure you have a satisfying experience and get the most out of your program.
πŸ’– An Enthusiastic Community of single women just like you, who will help and cheer for you, and provide the emotional support you need, because they truly want to see you succeed.
πŸ’– A Full Year of Access to the program materials so you can move at your own pace, and make lasting change that leads you to the romantic future you've been craving for so long.

Beautiful Woman,

You are enough -- yes, you, all by yourself. 

But that doesn't mean you want to be -- or have to be -- by yourself. 

You should never settle for anything in life... And that includes being alone, if what you truly crave is a meaningful, loving, lasting partnership, with an amazing man. 

That's what I want to help you attract and create in Your Last Love Method™.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside:

βœ… How to heal from past hurts and trauma that are blocking you from manifesting love, so you can be ready for the right partner when he comes along (and he will, once you learn...)

βœ… How to leverage identity shifting and attraction science - so you can become the highest, most attractive, most desirable, emotionally intelligent, high value version of yourself— making you irresistible to the man of your dreams.

βœ…  How to “Fix Your Picker” so you start becoming genuinely attractive to, and attracted to available, appropriate, high quality partners who want you as much as you want them.

βœ… How to upgrade your beliefs and behaviors so that you can stop repeating the same mistakes and toxic love patterns over and over again, and finally enjoy a reciprocal, loving, committed relationship with the man of your dreams.

βœ…  How to stop disempowering, vibration-lowering thoughts in their tracks, so you STOP de-railing yourself with procrastination, distractions, addictive behaviors, and other forms of self-sabotage, and actually get past the "dating" stage into a healthy, committed, monogamous relationship

βœ…  How to figure out the specific and personal subconscious love blocks that are holding you back from reaching the state of flow and ease in your love life (and then how to DELETE them from your brain just like deleting old software files from a hard drive, so you finally get out of your own way and start winning at love.)

βœ…  How to gain more emotional intelligence and control than you’ve ever had, so you remain in the driver's seat of your love life, even when you really, really like him. (It’s NOT about stuffing or denying your emotions, it’s about carefully cultivating them!)

βœ…  How to use the most powerful manifesting energy in the Universe (that nobody has ever told you about), and how to harness it to become a master manifestor in the most enjoyable way you could imagine!

βœ…  How to do simple (and not at all weird or kooky) love rituals that you can use to keep your focus on love all the time, and attract more love to you from all directions (so you are the one doing the "choosing," and not the other way around.)

βœ…  How to use your physical body to enhance your magnetism (instead of BLOCKING IT with poor body image and body shame, like it may be doing now without you even realizing it), so you can walk into any room, any first date, or even any difficult romantic conversation with head-turning, man-melting confidence. 

βœ…  How to side-step bad romantic choices with ease, with better "red-flag" detection, so you can stop wasting your time with users and losers, and make yourself available for winners and lobster dinners. (sorry, the urge to rhyme was too strong to resist.)

βœ…  How to become "rejection proof," so you will never again worry about being hurt and rejected because a man is "just not that into you."

βœ…  How to cultivate unshakeable, unbreakable self-love and self-esteem, so you change who you attract, and so you will never accept less than you deserve again.

βœ…  How to automate your love manifesting practices, so you can  increase effectiveness without working harder, or having to remember a million things to do. 

How Would It Feel to Experience Deep, Connected, Love In Your Life?

The kind of love where you feel safe, cherished, understood, supported...

The kind of love where you experience equal parts passion and peace...

The kind of love where, when you're with him, he just feels like... HOME.

The kind of love where you NEVER need to walk on eggshells, water yourself down, or deny parts of yourself to make him comfortable...

The kind of love where you never need to worry or wonder about his feelings for you, or his commitment to you...

The kind of love where fun, adventure, and romance are alive... and where honesty, trust, and respect are just a given. 

The kind of love you've always wanted, deep down in your soul...


Are You Tired Yet?

Tired of the Loneliness, The Games, The Rejection, The Back and Forth, The Hot and Cold, The On-Again Off-Again?

I've been where you are...

Picture this: 

I'm slumped on the couch, watching a "Friends" marathon that started approximately 127.5 days before...

...wearing the same yoga pants and slightly-stained sweatshirt I've had on for a week because I've decided there's no point in leaving the house ever again...

So there I sat, tightly gripping a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, a spoon, and a remote control...

"These are my loves now," I told myself... "I give up... I can't take it any more... NO. MORE."

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE trying on 15 outfits to find the one I think I almost look "skinny enough" in to lower the risk of embarrassing first-date rejection. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE endless "how was your day" DM convos that never go anywhere meaningful.

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE unsolicited pictures of disembodied male genitalia.

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE ghosting. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE head games. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE "rules" about dating. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE awkward first dates with guys who used 20-year-old pictures on their profiles. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE late night "WYD?" texts from guys who call me "babe" but are only interested in a hook-up or FWB situation. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE man-child guys who need a mother more than they need a lover. 

πŸ™…‍♀️  NO MORE of the endless game of emotional chicken we all seem to be playing. 

πŸ™…‍♀️ NO MORE getting my hopes up only to find out it's the same old story all over again. 

I could go on and on about all the things I decided I was saying "no more" to...

But I think you get the picture...

In fact, I'm willing to bet you've lived the picture...

But It Doesn't Have to Be Like This

Not Any More, Not For You

That never has to be you again, once you join Your Last Love Method™.

Let me explain a little bit about why and how this program can help you change your love destiny...

Say Goodbye To Your Love Blocks

Gain More Confidence & Become Rejection-Proof, Too!

One of the most impactful parts of this course happens in Module 3... where we dig deep to not only uncover but **obliterate** your love blocks. 

Whether you know it or not, if you are not where you want to be yet in terms of your financial life, I guarantee you that you have some mental, emotional, and energetic blocks to receiving love… 
And those blocks are exactly why you don’t yet enjoy the kind of satisfying love you know you deserve!
In this module, you’ll not only identify your blocks, but you’ll learn the secrets to finally clearing and releasing them once and for all
We will explore with some exercises, and I will give you the tools to recognize your blocks at the very moment they rear their ugly heads in the course of your day to day life… 
And then, the tools to pull those nasty weeds right out of your garden, by the roots!

Tracey, a busy professional and single mom of two grown children, had this to say after working through her love blocks in the program:

And Sonja is vibing high and feeling like a Goddess, with quality men practically lining up around the block!

Love-Hacks For Magnetic MAN-ifesting

(See What I Did There?) 😜

Next, we have what I call “the fun part.” 

In Module 5, you’ll learn the high vibration love-magnifying techniques I personally use and teach that have led myself and my coaching clients to beautiful lives full of confidence, peace, and passion.

These are the daily habits and practices, the “life hacks,” if you will, that will take you from stress to serenity when it comes to love. 
And the way you learn these love-magnetizing “tricks” in this course, is so natural and easy that they will easily become second-nature, and a permanent part of who you are.

Just read what another one of my members had to say about the effects of the training included in this course:
Like I said, there is obviously soooooo much more amazing content in this course that I can’t share with you in one letter… 
For instance, in Module 6 you’ll learn about the one MOST POWERFUL kind of manifesting energy in the Universe, that I can virtually GUARANTEE nobody has ever told you about… 
(And if you’re the kind of open-minded, adventurous person I THINK you are, you’re going to LOVE this part!)
PS I personally used this "secret" method, along with my "build-a-mate" technique, to call in my amazing partner in only 17 days from when I started. (9 days after that, we were "official," and just under 3 years later, we are looking at houses in Arizona and planning our future as husband and wife.) 

And It Can Happen For You, Too...

You? A Love Magnet?

Just wait til Module 7 when you learn the secrets to how you can SKYROCKET your vibration (and your personal magnetism!) in mere seconds... any time you want. 

Imagine feeling unshakably confident in the presence of men, smiling from ear to ear with the understanding that YOU are the one doing the choosing...
That could be you, faster than you think, when you join me inside Your Last Love Method™.

BUT... before you say a big YES to this transformational journey, I want to be really honest and tell you something that may surprise you to hear me say:

This Program Is Not For Everyone

Specifically, don't even think about enrolling in this program, if you: 

✘ Want a magic bullet and expect to change nothing about how you’re currently doing things while still somehow getting massive results in your love life. While manifesting may at times feel magical, you get out what you put in. You must be willing to put in time and effort to get results. 

✘ Aren’t open-minded and willing to explore ideas that challenge your current beliefs about love, men, relationships, and yourSELF. Remember: If you change nothing, nothing changes. 

✘ ​Can’t commit at least an hour or two each week to transform your mindset, your vibration, and your broken, toxic love patterns.​

✘ Are not yet willing to accept full responsibility for your own life. I can give you valuable and highly effective knowledge and tools, but I can’t do it for you. Only you can do this for yourself!

But, this program IS perfect for you IF you:

βœ…  Are a DO-er, not just a talker. (You’re ready to CREATE your destiny with the RIGHT partner, instead of just waiting for someone convenient to drop into your life.)

βœ…  Feel deep down in your soul that you were meant for BIG, soul-deep, next-level, lifetime-love with someone truly amazing.

βœ…  β€‹Have reached the point where the pain of staying stuck in the same frustrating and lonely patterns, is stronger than your fear of change.

βœ…  β€‹Are truly ready to finally get this love thing right, for real, and for good.

βœ…  Want to see your “love ceiling” pushed to heights you never even dreamed of before.

At This Stage You're Probably Wondering What The Investment Is For Something So Potentially Life-Changing...

I'm about to get to that, I promise... It's actually the best part...

But first, to re-cap, here's what you're getting when you take action and enroll today in Your Last Love Method™:
βœ…  9 Modules with 65 life-changing (but short!) video lessons (along with written transcripts, if you prefer to read) to help you get out of your own way and finally make "this manifesting thing" work for you.
βœ…  Weekly exercises and worksheets to help you dive deep into the truth about why you haven't achieved your dream life YET, and create a practical plan to get from loneliness to love. 
βœ…  Daily Practices and Rituals (many of which take only a few seconds!) to keep you in a positive, attractive, empowering, high vibrational state.
βœ…  Stellar, smooth, and responsive email support to make sure you have a satisfying experience and get the most out of your program.
βœ…  An enthusiastic community of women just like you, who will help and cheer for you, because they truly want to see you succeed.
βœ…  A full year of access to all program materials, so you can go through the program at your own pace and get immediate and long-term results! 

But That's Not All...

Your "Fast Action" Bonuses

Because I want to give you the best possible chance of success, I am including some special FREE bonuses to the first few action-takers to sign up for this course.

πŸ‘‰ Bonus #1: LIVE COACHING CALLS! (An $1188 Value!)

A full year of monthly live group coaching calls (so you stay in high love vibration and on track even after you're all cozy in a glorious relationship with the man of your dreams!)

You will be able to ask your questions live, or submit them beforehand, and get answers tailor-made just for your needs!

PLUS, you will have access to all past coaching call replays, so you can learn from those who came before you!

πŸ‘‰ Bonus #2: The Love Consciousness System (An $1164 Value!)

A collection of 31 audio session recordings using advanced brain technology to re-imprint your subconscious mind -- training you to manifest beautiful, deeply-connected love, on auto-pilot...

It's as easy as pressing play. These audios use techniques  that are irresistible to your brain, like hypnosis, subliminal learning, soul-deep meditation, NLP, and more, to overwrite your fears and limiting beliefs so you manifest love automatically. 

πŸ‘‰ Bonus #3: The Abundance Badass Blueprint (WHAT?! - A $997 Value!)

My Complete Signature Money-Manifesting Course to help you create massive financial abundance in your life! 

This program is cutting-edge money-magnetism training. If you go through it, and apply what you learn, you will pay for your love manifesting program, several times over, by radically increasing your financial abundance. 

A $997 value... for FREE!

PLUS... An Extra Limited Time Bonus to Help You Learn to Do Online Dating the RIGHT Way

Attract the good ones, repel the bad ones, spot red flags, stop wasting your time... and actually make dating FUN again!

Introducing... The Super Attractor's Modern Dating Toolkit

The Super Attractor's Modern Dating Toolkit helps you create a truly irresistible and fascinating profile that totally transforms who you attract online.

πŸ’– The right profile attracts high quality men, while it repels the users and losers. With 5 different fill-in-the-blank online dating profile templates, you'll save tons of time and heartache by positioning yourself as a true prize to be won.

And don't worry about sounding like everyone else, just because you're starting with a template.

Even if another amazing woman who lives in your same area, chose the same template as you... there are so many options to mix, match, and fill in the blanks that you will always sound just like the unique, amazing woman that you are!

Think about it kind of like MadLibs for love!

This toolkit will also help you:

πŸ’– "Qualify" your matches before deciding if they are worthy of a date, and create deeper connections with quality men right off the bat. (Use the Qualifying Questions Cheat Sheet for this.)

πŸ’– Effectively and gracefully handle tough conversations in the early stages of dating -- the kinds of conversations that have derailed many a promising relationship! (This is where the Sticky Situations Scripts will become your best friend!)

πŸ’– Flirt in a way that is natural, authentic, playful, easy, and magnetic to high-quality men (Ultimate 21st Century Flirting Guide for the win!)

πŸ’– Spot red flags and weed out the time-wasters and emotionally broken men (Red Flag Spotting Bonus Inside!)

And more...

This bonus is worth $397 all by itself, and it's yet another FREEBIE when you join Your Last Love Method™ (for a limited time -- I don't know how long I'll be able to keep giving this away!)

πŸ‘‰ Plus Another $689 worth of Fantastic Surprise Bonuses You'll Find Inside!

This is all going to be yours, accessible in your own home, at your own pace, whenever it works for YOUR schedule.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about this NOW, because for a super limited time, you can get access to this program at a price it will NEVER be offered at again… 

Now, I have personally invested tens of thousands of dollars and who knows how many thousands of hours learning this stuff... experimenting with it and refining it in my own life... teaching it to others and, watching as their lives transformed, too.

This information is worth so much more than what I’m going to be asking for it.  

Even my own mentor and others I respect and admire have told me I should be charging at least $3,000 for all this course content, and more importantly, for the results it can create in your life.

But my initial plan was to offer The Right Partner Love Formula, by itself, for $997. 


So, with Your Last Love Method™, The Super Attractor's Modern Dating Toolkit, the complete money manifesting bonus program, and all the other bonuses, the total value of what you’re getting is $5,083! 🀯🀩😍

I will soon be pricing this entire program, with all the bonuses, at $1997, which is already a pretty sweet 61% discount!

But here’s the thing — I am on a mission to help make the world a more love-filled place… and in particular, to help single women take control of their love-lives and make their dreams come true with a spirit-feeding, heart-filling, mind-blowingly happy, peaceful, passionate relationship with the guy who feels like home.

So, I want to make this accessible for as many amazing women as possible...

Plus, since we are a few days away from the official launch of the program, I wanted to do something extra special for those bold, action-taking women who get in early as founding members...

So, what if I told you, that you could get started right now for as little as just $97 with the installment plan option?


That's around $3/day - less than the price of a trendy coffee shop beverage... 

Or, look at it this way... Let's say you're 50, and you live to be 80... And let's say it takes you 6 months to manifest your forever love... 

That's 10,770 days you will spend with the love of your love... which means this program only cost you 9 cents per day of loving bliss spent with your perfect partner in a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship. 

So, for you action-takers who are really ready for love, and serious about enjoying a different (better!) kind of life...

A life filled with love, passion, comfort, fun, excitement, laughter, adventure, and more with your soulmate, your twin flame, your forever love… 

You’ll want to click on one of the YES options below to take advantage of this offer. 

And within minutes I’ll have your program access details delivered straight to your inbox. 

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YES! I Want to Be a Love Magnet & Save $167!

"But What If I'm Disappointed...Again?"

I get it. (oh boy, do I get it!)

I've bought programs that didn't work for me before, and I know from experience how much it totally sucks to feel like you've wasted your hard-earned money. 

I want you to feel totally safe here, so that's why I am offering this program with...

My No Risk 365-Day (Action-Based) Guarantee! 

If you take action and actually DO the program, it works. If you let it sit and don’t do anything, it won’t.

I truly want you to succeed and have the kind of love in your life that you’ve always wanted…

But I only want conscious, action-taking, committed people in this program. Because I don’t want your money if you are not going to get the results.

In fact, I don’t even want you to join this program if you’re not going to actually DO the work and follow the steps to make your dreams come true.

So, the terms of my guarantee are simple: You get one full year to use and love this program, and get great results in your life. 

Using the program means that you:

     βœ… Watch/read/listen to the lessons

     βœ… Do your homework

     βœ… Participate in the community

     βœ… Get on the live coaching calls (or watch the replays if you can’t make the live calls, and let me know on the posted videos that you watched on replay.)

And then, even if you are 11 months and 364 days into your program, and you don't agree that this was a fantastic investment in yourself, you can send me an email with proof of your action as outlined above….

And I will refund every cent of your investment.

I'm willing to do this and take all the risk on myself because I know you will love it and get life-changing results… if you do it

That's how powerful this system is, and how confident I am that you will look back in a year's time, and say, "it was worth every penny, wasn't it?" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, before you invest your valuable time and cash into this program, I understand that you may have a few questions, so I’ll do my best right now to answer the most common ones.

I’m so glad you asked! First, this is a comprehensive program — not just an ebook or a few audio recordings. As such, you are an active participant, and there will be personal access to me, your instructor, to support you throughout your journey

Second, I understand that YOU are not like everybody else… so this training is purposely designed to address and integrate every learning modality, all of your senses, and every aspect of your being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and material, by using a technique called immersion
Third, this program makes use of modern technology to automate your results so they are easily and quickly made into part of your daily life. 
Fourth, unlike other programs, this is a BALANCED approach that leads you to a healthy and balanced LIFE. It’s not all magic and woo.... but it’s not all technical and science-y and “hard work” either. This program is right in the “sweet spot” where you lay the groundwork to learn and plug in the systems... but you also get simple automated “hacks” to get you to that “second-nature” stage of effortless, limitless FLOW that makes your dream life real. Yes, it takes effort, but NOT hard work. You can do this while still having a life. 
Finally, unlike what so many "love gurus" out there are teaching... there is ZERO game-playing and ZERO "rules" taught in this program.
We believe love is useless if you are only "loved" for a version of yourself that isn't REAL. We believe that the real YOU is the best, most beautiful, most desirable, most lovable you... and we'll never ask you to pretend to be anyone you're not.
Great question! Honestly, that’s mostly up to you, because this course is available to you for an entire year… so you really can go at your own pace. I do highly recommend taking at least a week with each module to fully absorb and implement what you are learning. The video lessons within the modules are only 3-15 minutes long each… so if you take a module a day, that’s only a few minutes.
Exercises and daily practices can take anywhere from a few seconds in the beginning, to a half an hour per day once you’ve built all your daily love-magnetizing practices into your daily routine. But that half hour will make you more focused, happy, and productive, so you WILL get that 30 minutes back, and more!
This is what’s soooo special about getting in on this course opportunity! I will be offering monthly Live coaching calls, plus replays posted in our private online community.
You can join us on the Lives and ask questions in real-time… or, you can post your questions in the group and I’ll answer them during the Lives or during the weekly Q&A threads in the group… and the replays will be there and available for you when it works for your schedule.
Finally, I am proud and happy to offer personal email support! (Soon, this level of support with be available only with my higher-level mastermind program… but for a limited time only, it is included in this program at no additional cost to you!)
No. I will be starting with some Law of Attraction basics in the first couple modules in the course, to make sure you have a foundation… but the rest is pure tools and strategies… because you don’t NEED to understand how an engine works to drive a car to your destination…. right???

Your Last Love Method™ is a one-year program, which includes an online course, a collection of audio sessions, monthly live coaching calls, and membership in a private online community. It is NOT a month-to-month subscription. 

If you choose the payment plan option, you agree to complete 12 monthly payments of $97 each. Or you may choose the single-payment option of $997 to save $167!

The program launches--and the modules unlock--on October 1, so the pre-sale pricing is only available NOW, before the launch!

All that's left to do now is choose which option makes the most sense for you, and click the YES button of your choice below!

Make It Easy!

Join Now and Pay in 12 Installments of Just $97 Each

YES! I Want to Be a Love Magnet & Get Started for Just $97!

Save Me Money!

Join Now For a Single Payment of $997 - Save $167! 

YES! I Want to Be a Love Magnet & Save $167!

More "Love Letters" from Our Members!

Teresa, a single mom from Delaware, had this to say after just her first coaching call:

**Certain words are blacked out to protect third party privacy.

Love & High Vibes,

P.S. Listen, if you’ve made it to the end of this letter, thank you so much for giving me your valuable time. 
You are clearly committed to making a change in your life so you can manifest and enjoy the kind of true and lasting love your deserve.  
But… if you only skimmed (TLDR), let me give you the cliff notes:

Your Last Love Method™ is how single women over 30 manifest, grow, and KEEP healthy, fulfilling love with the RIGHT partner, so they can say goodbye to feelings of loneliness and rejection, for good! 

You have a rare opportunity RIGHT NOW, for a very limited time, to get into this program for a special pre-launch price, and learn these life-changing secrets at 81% off of the $5,083 value of the program and all the bonuses (and with an easy payment plan option to make it a no-brainer!)... 
Before the MASSIVE bonuses go away...

Click the “YES” button of your choice below to join me inside and get yourself magnetized to manifest your forever love!

Make It Easy!

Join Now and Pay in 12 Installments of Just $97 Each

YES! I Want to Be a Love Magnet & Get Started for Just $97!

Save Me Money!

Join Now For a Single Payment of $997 - Save $167! 

YES! I Want to Be a Love Magnet & Save $167!

My No-Risk 365-Day Action-Based Guarantee

βœ… Take a full year to use and love the program.
βœ… Participate in the community and coaching calls.
βœ… Do your homework.

Even if you are 11 months and 364 days into your program, and you don't agree that this was a great investment in yourself, you can send me an email with proof of your action as outlined above….

And I will refund every cent of your investment.

I'm willing to do this and take all the risk on myself because I know you will love it and get life-changing results… if you do it.

That's how powerful this system is, and how confident I am that you will look back in a year's time, and say, "it was worth every penny, wasn't it?"

DISCLAIMER: No guarantee is made or implied that you will be able to duplicate the exact results described above. The testimonials shown are from real people who have used the trainings referenced on this page. However, these references and examples are for descriptive purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including but not limited to your personal commitment, attitude, attention, and application of the knowledge, as well as consistent/correct use of the tools offered here.


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