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You deserve to step out of loneliness, fear, and self-doubt, and step into radical self-love and belief, so you can manifest a soul-deep connection with your forever love. 

...with Natalie Kita

You Guide to Soul-Deep Love, High Vibes, and Abundance Badassery.

Manifesting Master, Middle-Aged Mom of 2, Business Owner, Speaker, Author, Artist, and Unapologetic Goddess of Love and the Divine Feminine Arts... (YES! I'm claiming it and owning it

WELCOME! Today is your day, to declare yourself no longer available to anything and anyone that is not aligned with the next-level you!

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to share this journey with you and watch you grow into your most authentic, free, loved, lovING, joyful, and magnetic self!



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Private, custom, one-on-one coaching with Natalie to raise your vibration, get past your blocks, and expand your capacity to manifest your dream life of love, joy, freedom, and abundance. 


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"Before this program, I was single for 4 years. When I did try, it was "starter relationships" that lasted MAYBE a month at most. The biggest change in me from this program was finally feeling that I AM ENOUGH, and I am deserving of this love. Once I believed that I truly deserved love and happiness, I found my person! A man that checks EVERY SINGLE BOX. He's kind, genuine, loving and fully committed to me and to building our future together. Participating in this program has changed my life for the better! I'm happy, fulfilled, and in the loving relationship I've always wanted thanks to Natalie and YLLM! "

Tracey D.

"I joined YLLM after doing another one of Natalie’s programs (for manifesting money!). I had a LOT of success with that course, so I figured what did I have to lose joining the love class? Well I am not even finished with the program yet, and I am already beyond thrilled! After working through my love blocks and changing the way I look at things, I now seem to have my “pick of the litter” when it comes to guys. It’s like I’m sending out some kind of homing signal that attracts the kind of awesome guys I didn't even believe were out there before. Before this course, I was really struggling with dating, and single for a LONG time... I didn’t have any faith at all in myself or in love, let alone in guys. But this has turned it all around for me. The recordings are my favorite part, especially the hypnosis. For the first time in my life, I feel confident, sexy and unstoppable! It's early still, but I did meet an amazing guy. He's the kind of guy I never would have been brave enough to go for before... but my confidence is so much higher with this program, and we just fit together so easily. No games, just real affection and honesty. We’ve even made plans for the holidays together. I feel like this one last piece of my life is finally falling into place, and I’m so thankful!" "

Sonja R.

"Natalie is truly a gift. I cannot begin to describe how much she helped me with just one session! Her ability to pinpoint your problems and attack them head on is truly unique and life changing. Her method really helped me examine what steps I needed to take to completely change not only my mindset but the way I approach difficult situations and insecurities. This is not a woo-woo spiritual patch. She creates a solid groundwork for you to solve the issues holding you back and address them in a healthy and positive way. I cannot stress enough how impactful her method is. Don’t waste your time feeling down and not getting where you want to be!! Natalie is the answer!!"

Agnes F.

"Natalie started coaching me only a week ago on how to manifest and properly do it in a positive way. 5 days later I got a new job paying $30k more a year. I interviewed and was offered the job all in the same day. I feel like a completely new woman! "

Lauren K.

"Natalie, I just want to tell you THANK YOU! I have been such a bundle of stress for many many months. It's affected my job, my memory, not being able to sleep and my overall life. I listened to your recording this morning at work during my break. After listening to you, I felt more relaxed and at peace. I drove in the rain without getting anxious. I finished working without getting stressed and I'm working on my photography business (after working at my day job) and I don't feel rushed or pressured. Thank you for putting this together and helping those of us who need help."

Joy B.

"I’m at the end of module 2 and wow this is just what I have been looking for. After only doing the first meditation twice, I started seeing changes in my life. I modified my online dating profile last week. I met this guy who messaged a few times then wanted to schedule a phone date. We talked over an hour and it was going so good ... so we scheduled a date for next weekend. Did I mention he’s really handsome with two teenage boys like me? I’m feeling magnetic and aligned, I’m doing the work and understanding my roadblocks. "

Sheila L.

"Natalie has a way of helping you see that the only thing holding you back in your business are the thoughts in your own head. And once you get past those blocks and change your mindset that’s when the true magic happens in your business. For me specifically that block was charging my worth. After working with Natalie and getting over those blocks I was able to do a full over haul on my pricing, take on less shoots all while increasing my sales. The only thing that I regret with working with Natalie is not going to her sooner!"

Kristen F.

"After mentoring with Natalie in early 2016, not only did I overhaul my pricing, but we worked a ton on money mindsets...and 2016 became the first year that I broke into the six-figure club. That was huge for me! But my biggest takeaway from working with Nat was that shifting my mind set can be applied to all aspects of my life, business AND personal. Putting all those positive thoughts out into the universe on a regular basis really does bring positive things back to you!"

Susan P.

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