One-on-One Targeted Help to Manifest Your Deepest Dreams & Desires

Private, personal coaching for those who want a more custom approach, more direct access to your coach, and maximum discretion. 

DISCLAIMER: The examples and testimonials on this website are from the experiences of specific individuals, and no guarantee is made or implied that you will be able to duplicate these exact results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors... including but not limited to your personal commitment, attitude, attention, and application of the knowledge, and consistent use of the tools offered here.

Meet Your Coach

Hi there, I'm Natalie Kita...

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner, specializing in guiding strong, amazing women in how to manifest love and abundance in their lives...

But who really cares about all that, right? 

Let's talk about what's really important: How I can help YOU get from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

A Peek Inside Your Coaching Session

Though every coaching session for every client is different, there is a structure to how your custom coaching program will be created and executed to get you maximum results. 

My approach to the coaching process blends law of attraction/vibration with subconscious learning, using hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic programming, aka, the science of using language to re-program your mind to do what you actually want it to do), SoulDeep™ Guided Meditation, energy immersion, and proven practical but expansive life-coaching techniques. 

It all starts with a detailed self-assessment survey to focus and personalize your coaching on the most beneficial areas of work for your challenges and goals.

Once you have completed the survey, your first coaching session will be scheduled. Coaching sessions may be purchased on an individual session basis, but it is recommended (and much more economical) to purchase a program of 8 consecutive weeks or more, to ensure you are invested and committed to making the changes needed to get real results in your life. 

Although it does vary from client to client, your very first session will be split among: 

  1. Delving deeper into your answers to the self-assessment to develop a deeper understanding of blocks that we need to work on, and the underlying “why” for the work we will be doing. 
  2. A short guided meditation to lead into a greater sense of calm and self-awareness, and to introduce you in an easy way to the structure of the meditative and hypnotic methods we’ll be using throughout the program.
  3. A practical strategy session, where I will give you specific exercises to begin using on a daily or weekly basis to start breaking down the resistance to change that is keeping you stuck.
  4. Q&A

After the call, you will be provided with your first audio session recordings, plus a worksheet (homework) and a checklist for your new recommended daily practices, to use during the following week.

Following the first call, each subsequent call will be tailored to your needs and progress based on the previous call. 

Each call will begin with a progress update from the previous weeks’s session and exercises, then move on to an exercise, meditation, or hypnosis session (depending on your needs and preferences)… followed by introduction to a new daily practice or habit to help get you into a higher vibrational state and manage your emotional state better (so you can manifest on purpose instead of by accident)

After the end of each call, you will be provided with:

  • a checklist of recommended daily practices
  • a new homework assignment (or two) designed to reinforce and implement what you're learning, so you can master manifesting your desires consistently
  • additional audio recording(s) (meditations, subliminal recordings, conscious affirmations, hypnosis recordings, mini-and micro-meditations) to keep your mind focused on your outcome and keep your vibration high and your energy aligned with your vision for your beautiful future.

Please note that homework exercises, audio recordings, and daily practices should take between 10-35 minutes per day, depending on the day and your level of commitment. 

Specific areas we will work on during your coaching program will be customized to your specific needs, but can include:

  1. Cultivating greater self-love
  2. Overcoming blocks and limiting beliefs that otherwise cause you to self-sabotage
  3. Developing crystal clarity on the vision for your desired outcome
  4. Defeating negative thoughts and downward emotional spirals & creating new healthy beliefs and attitudes toward love
  5. Maintaining a high vibrational flow state, to stay open to receiving (and stop pushing away what you want)
  6. Becoming more magnetic to what you desire, and expanding your capacity to receive it.
  7. Developing rituals (not religious rituals, just personal rituals) and anchors that keep you focused on behaviors and mindsets that help, not hinder your progress. 

And more, to be customized as we go through the program and I learn more about your specific situation and goals. 

Your 8-week program will include the following, all geared toward the end outcome of manifesting your desires:

  • 20 "take-home" audio sessions (ranging from 1 minute for micro-meditations to 25 minutes for hypnosis...)
  • 8-12 "homework" exercises
  • 8 lessons (delivered in coaching calls, usually via Zoom - preferred, Google Meet, or Facetime). In-person coaching can be arranged, if you are local to Bear, DE, or wish to make arrangements to bring your coach to you. 
  • weekly text check-ins to support and encourage your progress

To be clear, everything we discuss throughout the coaching relationship will be 100% confidential, so you can feel safe and comfortable being completely open and honest with me.

Sound Interesting? Let's Chat!

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I look forward to getting to know each other better, and working together to prime your mind and heart to manifest your desires!

Love & High Vibes Forever, 


PS As with everything in life, you will get out of any coaching program in accordance with what you put in. Your commitment is absolutely necessary to get results and manifest your desired outcome - a dream life filled with love and abundance!


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